Project Management

For any construction project, it is essential that the General Contractor be involved right at the project inception to optimize the quality of a building:

 “80% of the key-decisions that affect most the construction costs are taken during the Pre-construction phase”.

It is at this critical stage that it is time to do Value Engineering, to evaluate alternatives, and that technical choices are made on the various building systems.

PREMIÈRE is best positioned to assume this role. Awhile architects and engineers are focused on design like it must be, they benefit from the input of the construction and sub-trade industry that PREMIÈRE brings to the table.  Because of its proven Design-Build expertise, PREMIÈRE prepares very early in the process and based on preliminary information, realistic budgets and schedules that are necessary tools to make “the key-decisions that affect most the construction costs”.

On these solid grounds, PREMIÈRE manages the construction period in all openness: Obtain the best prices and market conditions: Control  costs and schedule with the utmost rigour; Obtain a warranty from a General Contractor established in business since 25 years.